Ack! What did I do to this scarf?

I started on a small scarf for DS and really hosed it up!

First I started by trying to do the Toasty Twistypattern… that didn’t turn out right at all. No clue what happened there.

So, I switched to stockinette stitch and was just going to do that for the remainder of the scarf (except for garter rows at the end). I didn’t care if it rolled in, it will just hug DS’ neck better that way.

Anyhow… at some point I must have gotten my knitting turned wrong… half of the stockinette stitches are on one side, and half are on the other!

Sigh… I’m flexible… I’m going to finish this darned scarf. I think I’ll just alternate which side the stockinette is on for the rest of the scarf, and it will look like I did that on purpose. :wink:

But in the meantime, how did I do this? Can anyone explain how I can determine which side is the “right” side?

I did notice that when I do a purl row, and then go to knit the next row, the way the yarn is placed looks much different than when I’m just knitting all rows. I assume that’s how I got confused in the first place.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

well i get confused when people say things like Knit the knit and purl the purls and all that. what i have figured out is that when i am doign stockinette flat if i am doing a knit row when i turn the work the yarn is down in front, which is exactly where it needs to be to do the purl row. when i turn that, the yarn is down in back which is exactly where it needs to be to do the knit rows! not the most technical way of doing it but it works and once i figured that out, my stockinette has never done what yours did…before that…happened all the time…lol.

but you have just created your first “design element!” :smiley: :thumbsup:

Here’s how I was taught. You knit when the smooth side is facing you and you purl when the bumpy side is facing you. The smooth side looks like little V’s. I got this messed up a lot till someone explained it to me. I’ve done enough of it now I can tell which are the purls by just looking at the top of the stitch, but that took a few projects.

Just my opinion, but I think alternating which side the stockinette stitches are facing will make it more interesting and “reversible”. Just keep knitting…just keep knitting… :XX: :thumbsup: