Accordian Tip Baby Slippers/Booties/Shoes

I’m looking for a pattern for knitting slippers for a baby. There is one on the website but I can’t seem to get a picture copy of it “Crochet Accordian Tip Pattern”. It’s on Pinterest but it’s all in Spanish and would like to have it translated into English or find a similar pattern. I have searched everywhere. The slippers are pink and yellow and in Spanish. Any help would be appreciated…Thank you.

P.S. I have tried to get a copy and put it in this email, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Maybe this is the pattern in Spanish:

There are these on Ravelry which come close:

It would have to be translated into English. I don’t purchase
any more items from the states as I find it too expensive.
I’m hoping there is someone who can send me one that is
in “English”. Thank you for your time.