Thank you so much to the moderators and administrators of the site. So many times I have seen you assist people with questions that have been asked 500 times. I’ve seen you do it politely and helpfully, and explained things in a way that made somethign difficult look easy. Suzeeq, you always have an answer, and a good one, for any question posed to the forums and you do it promptly and politely. I notice this behavior repeatedly from every one of you. So thank you for starting the site. Thank you helping all of us newbies. And thank you for doing it with a smile.:grphug:

Awww gee, thanks… :blush:

That I answer questions promptly probably says more about how much time I spend on the computer…


You’re welcome! I’ve learned as much from you as you have from me. Thanks for being here KH members!

It’s an honor to be here, and we’re all very pleased to be of help! :hug:

Hear hear! This place is such a wonderful resource, and it’s lovely to share enjoyment of knitting with so many great folks!

I want to second all the great things said about this forum and its moderators! You have been a great source for my journey into knitting this past year. I have to say I have accomplished far more than I ever thought possible and tried several patterns knowing I had help if I got in a bind. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ditto what they said!!!

I’ve found just this one forum to be incredibly helpful and everyone here is nice and willing to chip in ideas. Kudos to all of you who contribute and help us find our way. :cheering:

Amen to all the accolades! :cheering:

Hear, hear! Mods, you rock! :hug:

:muah: :yay: :yay: (<—standing ovation lol)

ditto what Dimpledapple said!!:thumbsup: