Accidently knit twice in a rib knit help!

Hi! I’m doing a rib knit stitch for the brim of a hat. I’m new to knitting so not sure if the technical words but it’s knit 1 purl 1. Somehow I must have not cast on the right amount because I ended up with 2 knit stitches in a row but I had redone it SO MANY times I figured I would just hide it and wear it in the back. After doing my first “laddering down” to fix a mistake it got me thinking… can I ladder down to add in a purl from the very beginning or is that not possible? Should I just chalk it up to beginners mistake?

I think you shouldn’t worry about it. If you ladder down and insert a stitch it will probably be too tight and not look good. Don’t tell anyone there’s a mistake and they’ll never know. When I work a round of ribbing and find out I didn’t count right I will do a k2tog or p2tog to make it work out the way I want. It’s also OK to do an increase and add a stitch if you need another stitch to have the correct count after the rib. In rib doing a kfb will give you a purl looking stitch after the knit in front so the next one would be a knit. Clear as mud?


Laddering down is one way to fix it, but it works best if it’s not too far down. It’s worth a try if it really bothers you, but I’d probably ignore it and call it lesson learned. :slight_smile:


That’s what I was thinking… the last time I laddered down it was only 3 stitches I needed to fix so it looks super super tight :grimacing: thank you!!!

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I think I’m going to just leave it thank you!!!

Looks good to me and the color is very pretty. Nice job!:grinning: