Accidental Yarn over

I am VERY new to knittining…I am knitting my daughter a vest, and I just noticed 2 holes in it, a few rows down. They aren’t dropped stitches. I think it is YO. Is there a way to fix it without having to unravel everything?

If you click here and scroll down to the “Fixing Mistakes” section, then click on the first video, “Correcting a stitch without unraveling rows” you will learn how to drop down to one mistake stitch and then re-knit back up to your current row without ripping everything out. If it’s an accidental yarn over, and it’s just a few rows, you may be able to drop your stitches down to the yarn over and un knit it. Then you’ll have to do some tugging at your knitting to work in the extra yarn into your project, but it will probably work out just fine.

If you’re further than a few rows, you can take a short piece of yarn and close up the hole on the WS. You will probably be a couple sts over, but that may be okay.