Accident prone with knitting needles? (slightly gross)

my dh was worried about this too… which was when i was using the 14" knitting needles in the car… I now have my “to go” projects either on circular needles or i use dpns (which still make him nervous, just not as bad…)

i’ve gotten one stuck in my foot before… a size 3 dpn that i’d dropped while knitting and watching a movie.

My dad got me paranoid about the car accident thing when I wanted to knit (or crochet) in the car as a kid / teenie / person whatever.
So knitting in the car feels VERY bad to me.

I pushed a glass head pin though my index finger once. It came out under the edge of the fingernail… well the glass head splintered and THAT end ran through my finger… joyful moment in life, I tell you!