I love all the accessories that come with knitting. How do I use row markers correctly? The fancy ones I mean. They seem to catch on the wool. :slight_smile:

I have the ones that have a ring and I put them on just like a stitch marker. I change the marker everytime I get to it. It works for me!


I don’t like them for just that reason. I only have one set of beaded stitch markers - they are noticeably heavy and the dangling beads get in the way & get stuck in the knitting and annoy me. Only used them once, and for only a few rows before switching them out.

Mind you this set is my only experience with them - it is quite possibly a poorly made set and a better quality may give me different results. They do not appear to be ‘snaggy’ when I hold them. However, unless someone gives me some (unrequested) I’ll probably never try another one.

I get the small plastic rings you can find in the knitting tools section. A bag of about 20 or so for $1. They’re thin, slide easily and if I lose one, no big deal.

“How do I use row markers correctly? The fancy ones I mean.”

You don’t:) . They are gorgeous, but not really very practical. They add a little weight and they do get in the way. I guess some people are willing to put up with that for their beauty. But as suzeeq said, the best are the little plastic rings. I prefer Clover’s slightly soft and bendy ones, personally. They have a little give and when you get near them on your needle, if they are against your fingers or hand, they don’t dig in or irritate.