Accessing archived patterns

I FINALLY found that pattern I’ve been looking everywhere for (and my memory didn’t serve me that well :-[) kinda sorta. Oh well, it’s Austermann Stricktrends 021 - Design 20, one of the used-to-be free patterns on And I can’t access it b/c they don’t have that yarn anymore. I KNOW it’s somewhere b/c I’ve stumbled upon archived elann patterns before.

Anyone know how to access elann’s archived patterns? I tried google and yahoo, and their links just lead to a doc that you have to buy.



I hope this site will let you in!!

When fooling around on the Elann site, I think I got to that pattern. Try this:

That’s the book. But they told me it never was a free pattern, just one they used to show off the yarn.



I wrote Elann and they were very nice, saying to let them know exactly which pattern I needed, and they would email it to me. I’m sure if you were your most charming, they’d do the same for you.

The gal there told me they pull the patterns when the yarn is no longer available.

Thanks for your help. I was able to retrieve the picture of the sweater I was looking form. Elann says it was never a free pattern. But I think I get the idea and can modify another pattern to look like it.

btw, there is and I think you just add and you can see some old pages.