Take a look at the last picture of this shawl on knitty:

The leaf closure: Is it something for your hair? Or is it jewelry? I’d love to know the name of this item, so I know where to look for something similar.

Thanks to anyone who knows more about fashion than I do and can help!

I would call that a shawl pin. There’s a link at the end of the pattern to contact the designer - you can email and ask her who designed/made the shawl pin and where she got it.


When I first started noticing shawl clips at my local yarn store, I thought they did look just like some hair accessories some of my longer haired friends would use.

I think they are interchangeable as a hair clip or a very clever way of holding a shawl together.

Yarn stores in my area sell them for shawls and they are available on the internet if you search for “shawl clips” or “shawl pins.”

Here’s a link to a couple that are sold at a yarn store/gift store near me:

Moving Mud Closures

Dragonfly Shawl Pin


It looks like a shawl pin – you can find lots of them online. Here are some links: