Accentuate Your Life ~ Fini Shawl

Did you knit that? I’m not a shawl person, but it’s pretty. :wink:

Yes m’am I did.

Here’s the pattern I used for it. Although I used a smaller needle size, and just went until it was the size I wanted.

I googled the button idea.

But just used a small wound up bit of yarn instead of a glass bead for the inside.

and thank you, I wear this all of the time.

(Edited with the Right Pattern for this piece~ :cheering: )

:smiley: That’s just beautiful!!! I LOVE shawls :smiley:

Thank you Rebecca~
Simple, fast, classic. I love it.

Very chic & elegant!

Great job! :thumbsup:


Wowee, that’s truly stunning work! Great job!

Lovely shawl, looks cosy :slight_smile: Great job!

Isn’t amazing what can be done with garter stitch, a very basic yarn, and a little imagination? It’s gorgeous. I really like the way you dressed it up with the loop and button attachment.


That is sooo pretty! And I love the button, too!

Wonderful job!

Very pretty. I really like the addition of the button.

Thank you all.
It really is grand to be amongst knitting kin.

Knitting Kin…that has a nice ring to it. :heart: