AC Moore's Knitting Festival today, 9/29

Is anyone going? We have two soccer games today so DD and I are going after they’re over. She’s 8 and she’s knitted a small amount of garter stitch so far. I’m hoping they’ll have hands-on stuff she can do that will get her more excited about knitting (like Mommy). DS (age 6) is telling me he wants to knit too, but I know this boy’s attention span and hand-eye coordination and I’m thinking not yet, lol. Maybe we’ll find a nice small project that he can handle.

I am :slight_smile:

We don’t have AC Moore where I live :cry:

nope, my butt’s going to be parked at my son’s football game in a couple of hours and i have way too much homework to do.

i went to mine. it was kinda sad. two women were “demonstrating” a knit and crochet project. but they werent the most qualified. they should have had a big sale along with it, but there wasnt much on sale at all. oh well.

What a waste. There were two small tables with ladies around knitting or crocheting. I walked up to the first table with my dd, “Oh look Rebecca, they’re making a wine bottle cover.” No one says anything. “Are these the patterns for the scrunchies?” I asked a lady at the second table. “Yes,” she answered. And that was the extent of their interest in me. There were some yarns on sale, and a 40% off coupon which I of course forgot at home. But I got some yarn for a scarf for DH and some socks for DD, and a cool light-up tombstone to add to our extensive Halloween decoration stash. So not a complete loss. But I thought there might be demos or make-n-takes or something.

cindy, that sounds pretty much like mine. i expected much more of a “festival.”

Yeah, mine was a bummer too…they at least should of had a sit and knit with useful demos…[SIZE=“1”]not making pompoms [/SIZE] :fingerwag:

i knitted at my son’s football game (his team won, 19 to 13… my son had 2 tackles, 1 recovery and did an excellent job… they kept sending the runner through by him and my son has been moved up from 2nd string defensive lineman to first string offensive lineman)… and tried the sweater on my 7 year old… i’m irritated, see my other post.