AC Moore Videos

I don’t know if the rest of you have an AC Moore store in your area, but if you do, you’ve seen the videos playing in the yarn area.

Well, here they all are, ready for you to watch on your computer!

Just click “Yarn” as your category, and you’ll see them.

:smiley: AHHHH, yes, I found those when I was looking for the ACMoore site right before our ACMoore opened…I love ACMoore, a great selection of knitting books & dvds :smiley:

I do have an ACMoore and I think they sell much nicer yarns and fibers than Joann’s of which I have also. :heart: :heart:

I’ve seen the videos in the store but this is much better to be watching!! thanks for letting us know. :happydance: :XX: :XX:

Sure thing! I will sometimes watch them to get ideas for my next knitting project. Some of them are so inspiring!