Absolute beginner

Hi all,

I have decided to start knitting! Tomorrow I will pick up supplies but I was wondering what are the absolute basics to begin with? I understand thick yarn is the best but what size needles should I get - and how much of everything?

Thanks. :smiley:

I would suggest worsted weight (medium wt) yarn and size 8 needles and u r good to go!
Point protectors that go on the end of the needles to keep the yarn from slipping off is good when beginning.
As a matter of fact, there are kits available for around $10 or $12 that have a booklet and 2 sets of needles and several notions that are needed. This is what I used when I learned to knit. We got mine @ Michaels, I have since seen them everywhere…WalMart, Joanns…all over the place. I found it nice that everything was in one pack. :thumbsup: Then u grab a skein of yarn & good to go!

I agree with Rebecca. That is what I bought also. The good thing about getting it from Michaels is that it is on sale often or you can use the 40% off coupon found in the Sunday’s paper. I started last week. I got the medium worsted yarn in orange. I have made one of the dishcloths off this site and am ready to try something else. Make sure you check out the videos. They have helped me out alot. Good luck!

Thanks, I am looking forward to starting. :XX:

There’s actually a good thread in the general knitting forum on this topic Good Luck :thumbsup:

I too am a novice and had a really hard time knitting until I discovered bamboo needles. They are more expensive but they definately are great for the Knitter Wannabes.

Yarn slides on metal needles which is good if you are a fast knitter because it makes the knitting go much faster (so I am told). Yarn sliding with the novice means that before you know it your work has slipped at least partially off the needles. Putting it back on is not fun and takes way too much time.

Having knit with both I really like and recommend you start with bamboo needles. I get them at Joann’s, Hancock’s, etc. You can also get them at your LYS or online. Hope that you see this before you go shopping.