About yarn

Yarn is pretty hard to find where I live, so I mostly use my mom’s stash (most of my yarn is about 30 years old, but it’s well preserved).

I stumbled upon a yarn that isn’t all same width, instead the width gradually changes every couple of inches (from half a mm to about 2 mms).

I tried to do a sample with it, but it gets either too light or to bulky as the width of the yarn alternates. Crocheting doesn’t work either.

I have no idea what to do with it, and I have a rather large quantity of it, all in nice colors.

What are those yarns for?

And can I use it on knitting machine (If I ever convince my grandma to give it to me)?

Would it work on big needles (size 9 or 10), to make something light and lacy?

I don’t think it would work well on a knitting machine, but I don’t know for sure as my machine experience is zip.

I think it’d work better w/the larger needles. Try a swatch with your 9-10’s and see how the fabric feels. Loose and drapy is probably better.

I recently made a lampshade cover using that type of yarn. Used needles sized 7 through 11, increasing sizes as I worked my way down the widening lampshade. It also made it light and lacy so the light would shine through somewhat diffused. Turned out rather nicely too (pats self on back). Good luck with it.

You can also try double-stranding it with a smooth yarn to give an interesting texture.
I can’t afford good yarn so everything I knit is from vintage or “rescue yarn” form friends and relatives. Both of our kids in CA and hubby and I in OR shop yard sales all summer and sell online. I’ve taught them all what to look for in the yarn department. I now have a huge stash of every type of high-quality yarn you could imagine – 2 huge cupboards full – all bought for pennies-on-the-dollar. LIFE IS GOOD! :knitting:

Thick and thin yarn is used for bulky knits and gives them an interesting texture. Try googling “thick and thin yarn patterns” and see if that works!

The Urchin pattern on Ravelry is made from that type of yarn. I have also made a scarf and a beret with it. Makes a nice textural fabric. It’s considered bulky weight.