About Yarn

I am wondering…I’m making a blanket with Caron Simply Soft. I got the yarn as a gift. Has anyone used it before? I wonder how it washes. Does it get scratchy and pill?

Not scratchy at all. It may pill after a lot of use and washing, but I don’t for certain.


I found that it loosens up after washing, so wash your swatch before you measure it if you’re worried about the size of the thing.

Loosens up after washing? Hmmm…good to know, since I’m planning to make a sweater with it, and was going to make it a size up in the pattern for a roomy fit. Might just stick to the regular size and give it a wash.

Thanks for the info!! :hug:

Thanks for the info! I was hoping to make a sweater as well as a blanket (got a lot of the stuff!). The sweater pattern was sized a little small and the next one up a little too big, so hopefully if I make it, it will fall somewhere in between.

it stays soft for like ever … well so far so good. nice gift.!