? about working with hanks

So, I got a bunch of yarn from Knitpicks :cheering: :cheering:
I got some hanks to try my hand at lace. How do I use it w/o getting it all knotted up? Do I have to wind it into a ball first? How? I don’t really want to sit and wind all this by hand.



Well, unless you have a ball winder, you are stuck, my friend. It makes it easier if you undo the hank, and place the big resulting loop of yarn over a chair back, or husband’s/child’s hands & wind from there.

Yes, you MUST wind it! I don’t have a ball winder so I place it (carefully so as not to tangle) around the back of my computer chair and start to wind, it doesn’t take but about 10 minutes. Oh, this is what I do, when I take the hank and put my hands inside of it and give it a snap (binging my hands quickly side to side within the hank) and then untie it and I’ve not had any of those nightmare tangle stories that I’ve heard of after doing that; which is advice I got from a lady that has been knitting for a looooong time & she was right…worked like a charm :wink: .
FYI, the hank fits amlost exactly around my computer chair so there’s not much chance of it lying limp to tangle.
I’m sure others will come in with their experiences and tips.
The best thing to do is get someone to hold it taut between their hands while you wind…if you can get a volunteer :wink:

i actually enjoy winding the hanks but yes, it is MUCH better to put it over a chair or someone’s hands rather than to just try to do it straight off the hank. i have spent long periods of time trying to untangle from being too lazy to put over the chair!..lol

i actually think hand winding is a really good way to get to know the yarn and find those naughty little knots in the yarn too!

See, I really wish I’d known all this before - I have at least three piles of beautiful yarn that came in hanks. Now they are big tangled messes. I did finally learn, tho to use my husband as my hunky hank holder :lol: so I don’t have the problem now…but I still have piles sitting around to remind me…

:roflhard: That can be his nickname–Hunky Hank!


not sure if i want to press my luck. hunky hank might go on strike the next time i bring yarn home…

There’s always putting in on your own feet!

ya know it freaks me out when you say that…my best friend calls…umm…well ya know…he calls it hank! :shock:

Well, maybe if you had two happy guys visiting you could ask a favor! :shock:

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Keep it in the gutter. That’s what I was implying! :rofling:

Y’all are crazy.
Well, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but thanks for the advice. Maybe dh and I can have a yarn-winding date…woo-hoo. :happydance: haha.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeesh…ya know Phin would be very amused by this conversation considering the way i react whenever he says anything "naughty’… :rollseyes: :oops: :shifty:

I don’t know, working with a Hank was really not fun, he treated me all sorts of bad…wait, you were talking about yarn. yeesh, I really gotta learn to pay attention. :lol: