? About Working Cables in Reverse

“Wrap Style” by Interweave Knits, page 65; Wandering Aran Fields Capelet is the project I am presently working on. However, I plan to turn this into a cardigan instead of a capelet.

I have also started from the top and I am working downward. This has been a challenge so far, but it is coming along well. It dawned on me last night that the large cable pattern will need to be reversed as well.

I was wondering if anyone has worked cables (other than the standard braided) in the reverse from the way they are charted and could you give me any pointers?

There are several of these capelets on www.ravelry.com if any of you are not familiar with the pattern and wish to view them.

Reverse? You mean like crossed the other way so they are opposite on either side? If so you bring the stitches for the cable either in front or back which ever was opposite to the others. I don’t have the pattern though so I can’t really help if that’s not it.

Thanks for trying to answer me. I don’t have the time just now to go and get a link for this from Ravelry or elsewhere.

From the bottom up the first pattern opensup into a diamond.

If working from the top down wouldn’t I need to work the directions in the reverse for each cable,ie. Sl 2 to CN, hold in back, K2, K2 from CN. Wouldn’t I hold them in front when in reverse and work it? Or would I both work the instructions from the end to the beginning plus reverse the front to back placement?
A’m I making sense? I guess I’ll just have to try it different ways until I get the desired look.

I have figured it out. I took the sheet with the chart on it and held from both directions. The orientation of the symbols are still the same. Therefore, I should get the same resultsif I work the stitches as stated.

Oh good!:thumbsup: