About wood needles

I red on the web that there are knitting needles made of rosewood and ebony, what is special about knitting with these needles, someone try one one of them ?


i don’t know how they knit but they LOOK beautiful!..i am just entirely too cheap to spend the money on them…would rather spend it on yummy yarn! :wink:

I think it’s just for looks. Wooden needles perform the same, or very very similarly to other wooden needles.

If I ever make my own, I’m going to make them out of zebrawood or burlwood… just for the look of em. :heart:

If…IF I were to collect wooden needles it would be Lantern Moon that are hand made in Vietnam…they are gorgeous and very expensive!

Thank you everyone ! :smiley:

I saw some needles made out of whale bone once. They were antiques.

I’ve been making mine out of Tasmanian Oak… very nice… :smiley:


The LYS I’m going to tomorrow have LM needles. I can’t wait to see/feel them. :mrgreen:

Yes, they ARE expensive, especially to those of us who are used to getting our needles from WalMart . . . but I recently got a pair of #8’s, single pointed ebony needles I spied in some catalogue, for Christmas. I liked the idea that the wood came from a piano factory (being somewhat musical myself), and just thought they would be a novelty to knit on. The only other wood needles I’ve knit on are bamboo.
Well, I think these needles are GREAT. I find knitting on them MUCH FASTER than on bamboo. Less grab to the needles (I would still use the bamboo for complex cable work); much more like metal needles, but warmer, with a softer ‘clack’ when they hit each other. AND beyond the feel of them, I truly enjoy the idea of them!

I inherited a set of sock needles made out of whale bone. Terribly (politically) incorrect to manufacture now, but they are amazingly soft, yet hard at the same time, smooth, and warm. Like knitting with ivory needles . . .

Me and dad (i bought the sticks, he sanded and waxed and did all the grooming) made some wood dpns and they’re cool to work with