About to pull my hair out

OK, so I’ve been knitting a long time. Been reading charts forever. I really think this one is about to do me in. It’s the chart for the cables on Laughing Carrots at Knitty. So I get up to row 3. No problems. The repeat basically reads:

P3, K4, P3, K1, K2tog, YO2, SSK, K1.
So that should give me 16 stitches right? And that is what I have. HOWEVER, the next row says:

K3, P4, K3, P2, P tbl, P1, K1, P2.

So that gives me 17 stitches. Right are am I missing something? 5 other people have made this over at Ravelry without and no one has mentioned a problem with stitch count. Has anyone made this and can anyone tell me what is either A) wrong with the chart (could that possible last K1 actually supposed to be a “no stitch” spot instead?) or B) something wrong with me? And since this is a whole new pattern for me I can’t even go off past history. I looked at Knitty but there is no change and no errata posted. :hair:

At the knittyboard, someone did ask about this same row. The answer was:

“Try doing the p and the ptbl in the same stitch. If you look at the picture, the double YO ends up as three stitches, and that’s probably the “easiest” way to do it. (“Easiest” in quotes, because ptbls aren’t the easiest stitches to execute.)”

Other discussion concurs it should have been written as pfb, not p tbl and p1.