About time the Muggles Realized

…that we’re not all little old ladies.

The NY Times has an article about knitting and how it’s becoming increasingly cool.


Of course, I’ve only heard of Debbie Stoller, and they’re still assuming that all knitters are women, and for an article about knitters, they talk an awful lot about sewing, but it’s still progress, right?

You’re exactly right!

That is so awesome! We still do have a ways to go, but it’s great that people are really recognizing that knitting can be modern and cool! I like the fact that I can create up-to-date fashions and everything, but I love that I can crochet with my grandma and have a link to crafters in history. It’s like bridging the gap.

And young people are definitely embracing it - we started a group at my very small university (less than 2,000 people) and we get together each week at the coffee house in town (really the only hot spot in town) and just knit and chat. A lot of people have started knitting because they saw us there, and they just think it’s cool.

Hurray for positive knitting publicity! :smiley:

My sister calls me a “Spinster Old Lady” I am 26 and I love knitting. But now that she has seen what I have made, I am not such an old lady anymore. :rofling: