About those Yarn Overs

Hi. First-timer, here. Using pattern 24 from Knit 'N Style, June 2010. Made personal adjustments for taste/climate, as many of us do, but am having trouble making the yarn overs look right. It’s a heart pattern that’s kinda frustrating me. I’m working it in cotton, which by nature is more dense and more ‘telling.’ I completely see and understand the thread directionality in the K2(or 4)tog, ssk(or ssssk) elements of each RS row. Kinda stuck on what I’m seeing in the ‘lace’ elements separating the individual hearts. Entire heart ‘pattern’ is worked RS w/ p across WS. Wondering if anyone has suggestions or options on different yarn overs to improve the overall appearance of the hearts in this pattern. Thanks. Merrilee:heart: :slight_smile:

It is more likely the decreases that need to be modified if you are not satifsfied with the yarnovers.

:wink: There are no decreases – decreases are affected by k tog’s. I am an ‘educated’ beginner in that I’ve done nearly every kind of needle work. I just struggle, being somewhat of a perfectionist, working a pattern that appears consistent with just a little bit of ‘huh?’ in it. Thanks for your reply. Merrilee

Well the ktog or ssk sts are called decreases, even though they don’t decrease the stitch number because of the YOs.

A YO is made just like a knit stitch except the R needle isn’t inserted into a stitch on the L needle. So you should be wrapping the yarn from the back through the tips to the front and over the needle to the back again. That’s about the only way you should be making it, and keep it fairly loose. If you wrap it over and down then to the back it’ll be backwards, smaller and if you don’t work it through the back loop on the next row will pretty much close up. Also, it takes some patterns an inch or two before they begin to look like the picture.

and the placement and type of decrease used in conjunction with the yarnovers can make a drastic difference in the appearance of the yarnover.