About the scrunchable scarf

Thanks to finding this forum, I have been introduced to the scrunchable scarf! I am very interested in making one of these.

I am a beginner knitter, I have made two scarves, with garter stitch only. I am learning to perl and feel I am ready to take on a little bit more difficult scarf!

What I understand about the scrunchable scarf is that it is K2 P1 and it the number of stitches has to be a multiple of 3.
I was thinking about doing 21 stitches because the last scarf I made with the same yarn, I made 26 stitches across and it was just a little two wide, but that was just garter stitch - don’t know if that makes a difference.

Anyways, what I am wondering is, do I ALWAYS start with knit stitch on each row?
So basically would my scarf look like this if I did 21 stitches?:
… and so on?

I just want to make sure I am doing this right before I start, ya know?
Before i read anything about this scrunchable scarf I was going to do a ribbed scarf by doing K2P2… could I do that anyway I wanted like K3P3… etc…?
Thanks so so much
I am really excited to get started!

The pattern directions state:

Cast on a multiple of 3 sts (plus one on each edge for a selvage).
The pattern repeat is just K2, P1 - on both sides. Because you are working with an odd number of sts, you get a column of knit sts, a column of purls, and a column of moss st. It pleats itself and its reversible, but its very flexible.

Based on this info you have a multiple of 3 PLUS 2. So if you want do 21 you really need to CO 23.

You always start with a knit. As the pattern states you k2p1 on both sides. It’s very easy and it’s a nice squishy scarf!

As for ribbing…sure you can do it anyway you like! Just make sure to knit the knits and purl the purls to get ribbing. :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

So, it should look like this?


if I make it 23 stitches?

I don’t see where the moss stitch comes in then?

You could slip the first stitch on each end for the selvedges is what I think Jan means. Or you can just leave them off and do the pattern over 21 stitches.


Took me a minute to thing about this since it’s been awhile since I made it. :thinking:

I think the selvege edge is created by slipping the first stitch and knitting the last. So you’d have

sl1 kkpkkpkkpkkpkkpkkpkkpk

Even though you are DOING the same thing the stitches aren’t in the same place. When you turn your work it would actually be the reverse of what you are seeing above. So that last k would be slipped and you’d do the first two knits on a purl and knit stitch. Does that make sense?

Just keep doing the pattern and you’ll see it all work out. :slight_smile:

K… I’m using E for your edge stitches, but it would go like this:


once you turn your work those stitches will now be:

[color=red]EkppkppkppkppkppkppkppE [/color] (the you work your next row which is:)

Can you see in the first 3 stitches, the row of knit that will form, the row of moss, then the row of purls? This is how you would continue on in pattern till you get to your desired length.

EDIT: Wow, colouring in a line changes it’s dimensions a little :shrug: but not to worry, you get the idea

So, the second row would be p2 k1 then? and then the third is back to k2 p2?

and with the Edges? I always slip the first one and knit the last?

Wow… I didn’t realize how much I just don’t get this… LOL
… maybe I should just stick with a regular scarf… eh, bear with me, I’ll get the hang of it. :slight_smile:

no no no. I think you are thinking way too much about this. Every row you do will be k2p1 with an edge stitch on each end. I just knitted both the first and last stitch on mine but you could do what Jan did too and slip the first stitch and knit the last. Whichever you prefer works fine. The base of the scarf though is k2p1 and nothing more than that.

pumbaphant, I am soooo glad you asked this, because I don’t get those 2 extra stitches either!

If you slip the first stitch - it isn’t knitted - … anyway, I don’t get it. Just slip it from left to right needle, not doing anything to it? What does that do? I do get that you can knit the first and last stitches, but again, what does that add to the pattern?

Sorry, I feel very dense!! thanks for your patience!!

basically it adds a nice clean edge to the pattern. if you slip the first stitch it will make the edge kind of a chain edge. It does get knitted later (sort of) when you come back across so you aren’t just leaving it hang out there with no work being done to it. Basically you need it so your edges look even. You probably don’t HAVE to do it if you really don’t want to. :shrug:

Slipping the first stitch makes a nice clean edge. Just do this on every single row and you’ll see the pattern emerge.
sl1 kkpkkpkkpkkpkkpkkpkkpk
(If the edge stitches are throwing you then just take them out. CO your original 21 and k2p1 only on both sides.)

Here’s my scrunchable done just the way I said earlier sl1 and k the last. I used Encore Worsted.

YOU CAN DO THIS! :heart:

Thank you for the explanation!! It does make more sense now.

LOL - you guys are going to be SOOOOO sick of me before this is done!

Okay… let me just demonstrate what I think you are saying with a few rows. ((Bear with me)) (S is for slip)


What I am seeing here (and maybe its correct) is there will be a row of moss stitch going down, then a row of knit stitch going down. But I thought there was supposed to be a purl stitch going down too???!!!???
even if I just forget about the End stitches, it still comes out the same… so those don’t throw me off… its everything in the middle, lol.

>>>maybe someone could type out a few rows of exactly how its supposed to look?<<<

I am So sorry, you are probably Soooo annoyed with me!
I probably should just forget it and do a regular ribbed scarf… maybe I am too much of a beginner for this!!!
I don’t know why I am just not seeing what you are saying.
So sorry again.

So… the red row, is what the work looks like on the other side?
I think that is whats kinda throwing me off here.
Maybe I’ll just start and it’ll all just come together… :slight_smile:

That’s actually the best way to do a pattern. Trying to visualize, or work it out in your head without the needles in your hands can drive you bonkers.


you really only have one set of instructions to memorize for this pattern. I find it is probably easier than the ribbed stitch unless i get going and forget to switch stitches. It is better right not to not spend that much time thinking about what the previous row will look like or you will drive yourself crazy.

If you do the selvage edge like they suggest your pattern will ALWAYS be


(or that first K will be a slipped stitch if you use that instead…either one works.)

If you DON’T do the selvage edge then your pattern will be like this:



Just try it! :teehee:

Well, I decided to just start on it… and guess what?

I can’t purl.

I think what my problem might be is the yarn. its this super soft twisted type yarn. So my needle goes in between the threads all the time and then it gets fuzzy.

So I think I should probably try the scarf on some more “normal” yarn.

What do you recommend? Something that will be soft, but is relatively easy to use for beginners?

Malabrigo which can be found at Personal Threads has been popular for this one (well it can be found other places to but that’s where I find it and is probably closest to you…lol)

I am using Misti Alpaca worsted from String of Purls right now. I am double stranding it though and am probably going to have to get another hank to make it long enough. :shrug: That will make for a 'spensive scarf!