? about speed stix & 6hr. afghan

I was thinking of making the popular 6 hour afghan, though substituting the yarn with pound of love and wondered what y’all thought of making the afghan, or using the stix…would you do it again?

I’m actually dying to make another one. It was one of the most fun and satisfying weekend knitting projects I’ve ever made. It literally took me one day to complete the actual knitting and another to cut and apply the fringe. I’m a huge advocate for these throws because they make great gifts. The speed stix take a little bit of getting used to. It doesn’t really feel like you’re knitting. My other warning is that the throw is really long and a little skinny, but it’s like a personal blankie. I love the first one I made and I’m definitely making a second!

I’ve never done one, but I’d like to. I already have the needles. I’m hesitant cause I fear it will be too narrow. They need to make a circular speed stix needle so you can make them wider.

I agree, circ speed stix

I made one and loved it! and on my thread I posted with the picture of the finished afghan, Wanda T gave me a link to a place that sells circular 50s!