? about side pockets on a purse

Hello Everyone,

I just finished the Fiber Trends “The Sheep Tote”. Last night. It’s still
drying. I skipped the pockets because I couldn’t figure out what the
pattern was telling me. The thing is, the pockets were why I bought
the pattern! I dislike bags/purses without pockets or partitions.

Anyway, I am hoping someone here has the pattern however, I will
post a part of it here hoping I’m not violating any copyright laws.

[color=blue]My questions and thoughts are in this color.[/color]

Side Pocket:

With bottom of bag facing, attach yarn to the right hand edge of one
side. [color=blue]Attach yarn how? Just have it wrapped around
the needle when I pick up the stitches mentioned in the next

Working into the top loop of the purl round (this is the bottom and edge
of the bag, I think) knit up X stitches.
[color=blue]OK, let’s say I figure this out and so now I’m knitting
kind of sideways to the way I was knitting the bag. [/color]

Work the same as the side pockets. [color=blue]That just means
stock stitch.[/color]

Decrease row blah blah blah.

Cast off stitches knit wise.

[color=blue]That’s it! Well isn’t there an opening at the bottom
of the pocket at this point? I should just know that I’m to sew this? I guess I expected the pattern to actually tell me that as I’m suppose to “Trust the Pattern”[/color]

Even though there are not pockets, this is by far the coolest thing I’ve
made and I will takes pictures and post them cuz I just have to!

When you pick up the stitch out of the first purl bump you’ll be attaching the yarn at that point. It will be super loose until you pick up the next stitch. You could also tie a little knot with the tail end and working end after you’ve knit that first stitch to hold it in place - since it is felted the knot won’t be visible.

The way I read it you will be picking up stitches it will be along the bottom edge and that will close up any holes in the bottom. However, I’m not sure if you then seam up the side of the bag or not. Does it say anything about seaming anything?

I don’t have a copy of the pattern :pout: - hopefully some one will be able to help more!

I swear it doesn’t mention seeming or sewing at all! Since it says
"knit up" X number of stitches, I interprit that as knitting up the
side of the bag(?)