? about netflix

Is it only in the US? My brother is on Okinawa and wants dad to ship him half of our DVDs. Dad on the other hand would prefer to just get him a netflix subscription if possible.

According to Wikipedia, Netflix is available to US customers only. He may be able to sign up for Netflix though to watch movies instantly, online. They won’t, however, ship movies overseas.

Demonica has a great idea. The on demand movies only work on PC’s. I wish they would get their Mac stuff together.

The movies also only work with IE. :doh:

I found this info on their website when I searched.

  								 Where do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?
  								At this time we don’t ship internationally, except for some U.S. territories. If you live in the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska,) or American Samoa

Federated States of Micronesia
Marshall Islands
Northern Mariana Island
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands
Or if you have an FPO or APO address, you can enjoy movies from Netflix.

Depending on how technology savvy you/your family is, you may need some help with this one.

  1. Go to an electronics store and buy an external hard-drive like this one. (Yes, I do recommend Wester Digital.)

  2. Get a program that allows you to rip DVD content. There’s probably a free one on the internet.

  3. Rip all of the DVDs that will fit and put them on the external hard-drive.

  4. Ship the hard-drive to your bother.

This is, of course, assuming that he has a computer with him and access to electricity. Seeing as how he isn’t in Iraq, though, I would think that these are available to him. I have heard of other military families doing this, so I am under the impression that it is allowed.

Netflix also has a new service coming out where you buy the box, hook it up to the tv and watch. Like their view online movies but available on the tv.