? about knitty pattern

Anyone know what this means:

This top is designed for zero or negative ease

In this pattern?

Ease is the difference between your actual body measurement and the finished garment measurement.

It means that the finished measurement of this garment is intended to be the same as or smaller than your actual body measurement, and it will stretch slightly to fit you when you wear it.

thanks!!! I was drawing a total blank on this one! You sound pretty knowledgeable about garments. Do you think this would be a good choice for a first time garment maker?

I made that top! It was FUN to knit…not difficult, and it was my first time with lacework…just be aware that the V neck is a DEEP V. I ended up “donating” it to Hildie, because she has the ahem MEANS to support a low V.

Uh oh…what if you only have little ‘means’ to support this V? Like, 36C means.

I think that’s plenty “means”…I have NO “means”.

Also, I was thinking more about this last night…I made a bigger size than what you would make for your tiny little adorable little tiny self. I bet that (as all “plus-size” designers do) they assume that women with “a little more to love” also have bigger…um…MEANS.

I say GO FOR IT! THe lace at the bottom was REALLY fun to knit! And, I DO think that making your first garment in the round, without sleeves, is the way to go!

[size=2]Someone’s gonna pop in here & yell at me for talking about boobs again… :rollseyes: [/size]

does so! :wink:

I was gonna say something, but looks like ya’ll got it covered.

AIDAN! :fingerwag: You arent allowed to talk about MEANS…you dont have the MEANS to have MEANS! :roflhard:

If you were me and you had listened to as many conversations about means as I have then you’d feel pretty safe talking about them too. :stuck_out_tongue:

ya know…i haven’t read your whole blog but i have had some of the “highlights” pointed out to me and i must say, you spend enough time talking about “means” yourself there mister man!..lol


I have varied interests. :rofling:


KK, thanks for the motivation. I’m nervous, so be prepared for many questions coming your way…all of that arm hole shaping… eeeek.

If the “means” don’t fill out the v neck well enough, there’s always the wonder bra, which means bra shopping…OH DARN!

Alright, Aidan…ya got me there. :shifty:

Deni…the armholes are EASY PEASY. Just a bunch of decreases in the right spots. No worries!

Uh oh…what if you only have little ‘means’ to support this V? Like, 36C means.

Girl, those are plenty of “means” to be proud of. :lol:

I guess having no visible means of support is better than having no support of your visible means. :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: