? about Knitting w/ two strands

I have a simple scarf pattern that says to knit w/ two strands of the same yarn using very large needles (size 19, I think). I think the reasoning behind this is that project will be a quick finish. Personally, I’d rather have it take longer and not have to worry about getting tangled w/ two strands. Is there some formula for what size needles to use if I’m going to use 1 strand instead of 2? Or, is knitting w/ 2 strands just as easy as using 1 and I should just follow the pattern?


Knitting with two strands is easy. Just have two balls of yarn to draw from. If you really only want to use one, you’d be better off using a yarn that’s twice as thick as the one called for.

Another tip I have heard is to knit with the two ends of one ball of yarn – i.e. pulling one strand from the center and the other from the outside.

is there a picture of the pattern somewhere too? two strands of thread aren’t usually going make up for the size 19 needles. What i mean is that is a really big needle so you are going to be making a fairly lacy scarf i would think. even with one strand the 19s would work up pretty quickly.

It is true that the yarns will tangle but they are fairly easy to untangle. I generally just push my work to the end of the needle (i use flex shafts a lot) or into the middle of the circs and then just dangle it until it untwists. I don’t know i wouldn’t worry about it too much…and depending on the pattern you might even want to mix up the colors on that pattern to make it more interesting to look at!

I only mentioned using two balls because there’s less chance of tangling, especially if you keep each in, say, a baggie. If your project only calls for one ball, then Julie’s idea is best.

I’m knitting a project with two strands right now, and it’s easy as pie. This is my first time, too! After the first row, it becomes so natural. As Ingrid suggested, keeping the two balls in separate baggies will almost completely eliminate any tangling. Even if it does manage to get tangled, it’s really easy to fix with the dangling method brendajos mentioned. Personally, I’d be inclined to follow the pattern and knit with 2 strands held together. It’s easier than you think. :slight_smile:

btw…i think my tangling problems are a little more pronounced because of the way i hold the yarn…don’t ask it is fairly obnoxious and i am sure would offend our knitting purists! :wink: it really is easy and i knit almost every scarf i do with two strands now because i think i can play with colors and textures in a way that is more fun than just the regular ol’ scarf.

i am making Roxie’s cell phone cover now and only using one strand and it just feels weird…lol

Go ahead and try 2 strands! It is super easy and gives everything a really neat look.

And I second whoever made the comment that you can play with color combinations and types of yarn too. I’ve done scarves with fun fur and other types of yarns and gotten RAVE reviews. In fact, that was my second project after learning to knit was to knit a scarf with 2 types of yarns together. :wink:

The worse that can happen is that you don’t like it and you rip it out! :smiley:

Good luck! Just yell if you need help! :lol:


thanks everyone! I’m going to go for it w/ 2 strands!