About knitting needles......

I contacted my LYS to see what type of needles they stock, as the pattern I’m waiting on has some different sized needles than what I already have (plus I needed to know if other sizes were readily available depending on how my swatch turns out). The owner said she has very few fixed circular needles in stock, as everyone is leaning toward interchangeable tips. She says she buys from Knitpicks, and the sets they have that I have looked at do not contain a cable small enough to make a 16 inch circular (which is the size circular I don’t have).

I guess my question is how true is this? And if fixed circs are going away, which interchangeables give one the most options with tips and cables? I prefer bamboo or wood, metals tend to be too slippery for me. I’ve read reviews on Clovers (and others) that complain about the cable coming undone, but most of those reviews are at least 3 or 4 years old - have the methods of manufacturing them improved?

Thanks for any ideas!

I buy from Handsome Fibers online. I have bought several pair and have never had any problem at all. They have any size - no postage and ship them quickly. They are my favorite place to go. They also have bamboo or metal .

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I know interchangeables are very popular. You can get fixed circulars on Knitpicks if that’s the type you want. Personally I never use 16" needles anymore anyway. I always magic loop so I can just do the whole hat without switch to another method to decrease the crown. If you are making a hat and you don’t want to magic loop you can also use two circulars.

I own Knitpicks Options nickel plated and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz which are birch (wood). I have singles in other brands and they are nice, but I’m perfectly happy with my my less expensive interchangeables.

Do they ever come apart… I’ve only had it happen a couple times in the 8-9 yrs I’ve owned them. They replaced them no questions asked. I use a grippy thing (cut from shelf liner) to tighten them so they don’t come unscrewed, too.

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I recently bought a full set of knitpro interchangeable to needles along vwith some extra cables.If I could work out how to post a picture I’d show you that I’m knitting a hat on a 40cm cable; the cable plus the needles is 40cm something I hadn’t realised.
You can still get fixed circular needles online.

I have Knitter’s Pride Dreamz (birch wood) interchangeables, and it’s true that they don’t come with a cord for making 16" circulars. However, you can buy the cords “a la carte,” and as long as you have 4" tips, you can get a cord for making 16-inchers. I bought mine from the LYS for $2.50. They also have them on Amazon for about $4. (If you buy 5" tips, there’s not enough flexibility to make the 16" work.)

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I personally love my interchangeable sets, I can always put together the length I want and it saves money in the long run. I have the Knit Picks Sunstruck set and Knitter’s Pride Nova set. I have some of the newer Knitter’s Pride Platinas and love the longer taper and sharper points they have. If you really want to use 16" needles I believe that Knitter’s Pride tips come in a shorter length to go with a short cable to make a 16" circ that you can knit with - the longer tips don’t work at that length for knitting in the round.

As for coming unscrewed, it can happen. I notice the yarn dragging and retighten it. I’ve had other cables that don’t screw together break or come apart with over 300 sts (I consider that a catastrophic fail in knitting) and like having warning that there is a problem in the making. I think that knitting style (I knit Continental) and tension (loose or tight knitter) and other habits determine how well the cable and tip stay screwed together

I got some 16" Hiya Hiya fixed circs when Yarn Outlet had 25% off and free shipping. I think I really prefer the Knitter’s Pride tips and they’re probably less expensive. I wanted to try the Hiya Hiya needles and figured that if I’m knitting a bag or something else that will fit on them it makes sense to use the shorter ones. I’m not sure I like them because the tips are shorter.

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Thanks for all the replies!!! I really would like a set that has at least an option of a 16" needles - I do use dpns, but for something like hats I’d prefer something a little more adaptable without having to try and use a long circular. I don’t do magic loop or knit with 2 circulars…just personal preference I guess.

Has anyone use Chiaogoo? I saw them during my searches, and I believe they have a feature that can also give you a lifeline. Since my frogging is terrible, that might be another plus. I guess I’ll see what she can get for me - if she doesn’t have anything appealing I can always try Amazon - since I have Prime the shipping would be fast as well.

Thanks again!!!

I really like the chiaogoo needles. They come in all lengths. They are available in stainless steel or bamboo (I think it’s bamboo–I’m not sure because I prefer metal). I usually get the longer ones (47" or 60") because I do a lot of magic loop knitting or very large flat pieces. I have seen some as short as 11 inches. I do not see any indication the you could run a lifeline with it.

After my sister’s cat chewed the snot out of one, I looked to see if I could order them online. Their website led me to a list of authorized retailers and I was lucky enough to find one in my area. You could try that. Here’s the site for the list of retailers.


To get a 16" length you’re going to need a short needle. I don’t think you’d want to use them all the time so I’d just buy the tips and cables for those separately. Knitters Pride has short tips for making 16". I tried it and hated knitting with the short needles myself. YMMV

I use Hiya Hiya fixed short circulars, 9", when doing socks and love them. They’re a bit of a Marmite thing in my knitting group though.

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I have recently purchased the Chiaogoo Interchangeable set and just love them. The tips are 4" and come with cords to make 16", 22" and 30" lengths. Here is a description:
ChiaoGoo Twist Tip Interchangeable Complete Set, 4-Inch
by ChiaoGoo
Sets include: 4" (10 cm), surgical-grade, stainless steel, lace tips and three cable lengths: 8 (20 cm), 14 (35 cm), and 22 (55 cm) cables to make 16 “(40 cm), 22” (56 cm), and 30" (76 cm) circulars
TWIST red cables are memory free! They consist of a multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon.
TWIST and SPIN tips, cables and accessories are all switchable! The needle tips feature a lifeline hole that makes adding a lifeline as simple as knitting across the row
Made in China
This Package Contains Thirteen 4 Inch Tip Knitting Needles Between Sizes Us2/2.75Mm And Us15/10Mm, Two 8 Inch Small Cable Lengths, Two 8 Inch Large Cable S, One Knitter’s Guide, One Needle Gauge, Two Large Cable Connectors, Two Small Cable Connectors, Two Large End Stoppers, Two Small End Stoppers And Keys Within One 8X6 Inch Compact Zippered, Book-Style Case With Two Double-Rows Of Pockets (Twenty-Nine Total) And One Outside Zippered Pocket. bettiegarlandscott@rogers.com

Nice! Do they have additional longer cables available? Some of my projects have actually used 60" needles.

You can use the connectors to connect 2 cables to make a longer cable example: connect a 30" cable and a 30" cable together to make 60" complete. (this connector comes with the set). And yes, you can also purchase longer cables separately. I purchased my set from Amazon.ca for $186.95, free shipping to Canada. They are probably less in U.S. currency. I’ve purchased Addi-Clicks and Knit Picks Options, both interchangeables and have sent both back and got a refund. I have several fixed Addi circulars and love them except after using them for flat knitting like a baby blanket, they seem to “coil” up.
The Chiaogoo interchangeables are the greatest, no memory, so no coil at all. Very smooth joins and lifeline holes also. Can’t say enough good about them, I’m in love with them. Also, I purchased a 3.5mm and a 4mm fixed circulars in a 12" for knitting smaller hats for young children/babies, also from Chiaogoo.

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I went to my LYS yesterday, and ordered a set of the short tip Caspian interchangeables. She was able to order them on sale, so it seemed like a good way to find out if I wanted to invest in a more expensive set - or I can just order in different tips as I go, since the cables work on all of these brands.

I did find out that several companies are doing away with fixed circulars, at least in certain sizes. So, I’m hoping that I really take to the interchangeables, lol!!

Thanks for all the tips. I really appreciated them!

I have my tablet set up for some things tonight.I now have 2 email accounts, one from this one (old one)and one from a new one called BettieScott@gmail.comSo depending on what device I’m on, you’ll get it frombettiegarlandscott@rogers.comor: BettieScott@gmail.com

Good for you Bettie - sounds like your all technically set up - love being
able to down load patterns & have them right at my finger tips. I am
getting my husband & son to make me a peg board wall to hang my yarn cakes
on, so it will be a moving wall of yarn. Will take a picture when it is all
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Looking forward to my own space. Talk soon - stay in touch - blessings.