About increase


Hello i am a begginer and my english is basic :grin:
I have a top pattern of drops that say :
“ Next round inc1st at each side of the Markers “
Whath mean ?
Do 2 inc in the same space or do m1r m1l ( doing 2 k , beetwent M1rm1L)
I am looking for informacion in the internet but not found nothing.


We are in the same situation when it comes to English: for me it is something I learned at school. Do you have the name of the pattern, or a link to the pattern?


I would read this to mean doing a mirror increase on either side of the marker. So M1R, move the marker, and then M1L.
There are several ways to make mirror increases, depending on whether or not you want the increases to show up or to blend in with the fabric.