about doll sleeves knitting

Thank you sooo much.
Row 4:4 seed sts,*k to within 1 st of marker (Can’t figure out here either),Inc,so maker, k 1,Inc; rpt from * 3 more times, k to last 4 sts,4 seed sts.
Rpt row3&4 till there are 15 sts in front of 1st maker(here said:15 sts,but 16 sts in the end,why?),ending with row 3 work 4 seed sts,k 12,removing marker (left front).

Thank u so much.Because I speak France,it’s not my native language.It’s hard for me to understand.

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What pattern are you following? Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern? Don’t post the whole pattern instructions here please because of copyrights.

Sorry,it’s Viginia Lakin’s pattern book:Teen doll knitting&crocheting book 2,No.19 shortie coat.I don’t know how to do with it,please help me.thanks.

Very cute little coat.

It’s knit top down according to the tags.
Can you give us the preceding 2 rows or so? I’m trying to figure out where the needle with 16sts comes from.
Usually for top down the upper body (the yoke) is knit then the sts between the raglan increase lines are held until the body of the coat is finished and then the sleeves are each picked up from the holder and worked to the cuff.

Thank you so much .
Row 3:4seed sts,p to last,4seed sts.
Row 4:4 seed sts,k to within 1 st of marker(can’t figure out here either),Inc, sl marker,k 1,inc,rpt from 3 more times,k to last 4 sts,4 seed sts.
Rpt row 3&4 till there are 15 sts in front of 1st marker(here:15sts,but why 16 sts behind ?),ending with row3 work 4 seed sts,k 12,removing marker(left front).
Because it’s not my native language,I speak France.So hard for me .

It sounds like you should work the 4 seed sts, then k11 (total of 15 left front sts), then k 1 more stitch after the marker to give you 16sts.
It seems that it would be difficult for many to understand. You’re doing very well.

Thank you so much.help me a lot.