About Denise Interchangeables

I know this has been talked about a lot, but i dont think anyone specifically mentioned about the cables and whether the extension connectors(?) can be bothering because it sometimes blocks the stitches from sliding. I heard this problem from a forum… just once… so if anyone has used Denise interchangeables, could you please tell me whether that was a problem for you or not?

I’m using them right now (I just got them on Friday) to knit a sweater and I’m not having that problem at all. I LOVE my Denise set!

It may depend on the yarn you’re using, too. Some yarn is slippery/slidy and you’ll have no trouble. Something else will be sticky and won’t slide easily. It’s a pretty smooth join.

I have the Denise set. I often use the connectors and rarely have trouble w/this.

I’m going to echo what the other posters said. I have the Denise set and often join the cables. I’ve never had a problem with the yarn hanging up on the joins; they are really smooth.

I love my Denise needles and have had no problems with the connectors. The only problem I’ve had is that I always have multiple projects going and sometimes wish I had a second set of Denise needles.

I too recently got a set; no complaints as far as the joins. The connectors were a little ‘tight’ at first, and I did have some trouble, but once I did/un-did them a couple of times they were ok. Tight is better than starting out too loose. I am enjoying the set.

how’s the feel of the needles?? the main concern for me is metal vs resin(i think that’s what denise is) when i looked at the pictures of denise, it looked really cheap so i was kinda leaning toward options interchangeable… is denise feel like cheap plastic at all? i dont think so but i just wanna make sure… knitpicks options looks good but it’s kinda expensive w/ add-ons

They have kind of a rubber-y feel to them. It’s not at all like the cheap-o plastic needles I’ve used! I’ve never been afraid that they’ll snap or anything like that. (Much more reliable than KPs!)


This thread is so timely. Yesterday I was going to buy a Denise set. But then I read the thread “Differences in Interchangeable Circulars?” & decided against it. Now I’m reading this thread & leaning back to Denise. I have a LYS coupon for 15% off anything. Thought I’d use it on a Denise set. It’s one of those deals where I spent so much $ to get the discount.

I appreciate all your comments.

haha :] i was really leaning toward KP Options because of its nickle-plate finish and thin, flexible cable but it’s much more expensive compared to Denise if you want everything… i just need to get some size 4 circulars if im buying Denise while i have to get 13/15 size needles and some extra cable if im buying KP Options, which is like $24 add-on… so i think it’s basically look&“slickness” vs. practicality… so im leaning more toward Denise also

I have a set of Denise, Boye, and Options interchangables and a few Harmony points, and I have to say, I love them all for certain things.

I like the larger sizes of Denise because of their sharp points, but find that anything under size 8 in the Denise seem to be hard to get past the cable to the needle, especially sizes 6 and 5. I’ve only used the cable links a few times, but didn’t have any trouble with yarn catching on them. I did have a problem with the shortest cable breaking at the connection point to the needle because it was so short that the angle the needles had to be to knit with put quite a crimp on it and it just broke there… but I do have to say, that it was after a lot of knitting. The other thing I had trouble with the Denise needles is wear of the connectors where the cable twists into the needles. If you use them a lot, putting them on and off the needles I mean, the little bumps that give them their little “snap” into place will break down and they will just turn and no longer snap into place and eventually just slip off while knitting… but again… that is after a lot of use. For the price, Denise needles are not a bad deal at all.

I started off over 25 years ago with a set of Boyle interchangeables and loved them, but they were the only ones around that I had ever seen. But I found that over the years they would start unscrewing, so I screwed them together harder and harder, which actually ended up pushing the little connector into a “bell” shape, which would hook on the yarn something awful. Hubby is a fixer upper kind of guy, so he took a grinder and rounded the ends off and they were good again, but it’s something to be aware of.

I’ve only owned my Options and Harmony needles and cables for a year or so, or shortly after they first came out, and so far, I’d pick them as my favorite. Sharp tips, thin cables, easy transfers of yarn from cable to tip, lots of sizes, etc. Of course, I haven’t used them as much as I have the Boye or Denise because I haven’t had them as long.

Like I said, I’ve got them all and they all are good for different things. My bottom line suggestion would be, if you can afford it, go with the Options, pick up a few Harmonies tips in your favorite sizes because they will work with your Options cables. If you do a lot of big needle knitting with novelty yarns, the Denise are fabulous, work well with different types of fibers, and much more affordable. I don’t think the Boye can stand up to the Options, but if you can find them at a cheap price, they wouldn’t be bad to have around for a backup.

Just my two cents… hope this helps.

now i’m back to Options again… hmm…with an extra cable and two extra needles, i have to spend $79.96 for Options nickle-plated…

for Denise, i just have to spend $49.95 for almost everything, but as you mentioned, the connectors between the needles and the cable will wear off, so i probably should go for Options since it would be better in the long run…? GOSH I’M SO CONFUSED

(sigh) I hear ya. :hug:

Then there’s the talk about cables coming unconnected. I’ve been following the interchangeable issues for quite a while. Now that I have the money, I’m tempted to just do without them. (sigh)

I got mine last week. I’ve done a fair amount with the Nickles, have hardly touched the Harmonys. But then, I already knew that my favorite needles were Addi’s. (I’d have sprung for the Addi Click set, but couldn’t justify the cost as a beginning knitter; it was hard enough to justify the cost of the KPs – knowing that I’d be knitting as I traveled was the big justification there.) My Goddess Of Knitting friend told me that she had the Denise set, but if she had to do it over again, she would get the Nickles. (She says she can’t justify the cost when she already has the Denise set.) People here said they were most like the Addi’s. And I knew I needed sharp points for the kind of knitting I want to do later.

Have you knit on any of the sets? Does your LYS carry any of them and would they let you try them, or are there knitters you know who own them and might let you try it?

If you can’t do that, do you prefer plastic, wood, or metal needles in general? It’s a big enough expense to get a set that buying a pair of needles in plastic, wood, and metal to try them and get an idea of the differences isn’t a big cost.

None of them are going to be perfect. All three have had people who say the connections are perfect for them. All three have had people who have had problems with the connections. I’d say it’s going to vary anyway, so get the set that you like to knit with. :slight_smile:

I love my Denise Interchangeables for everything except magic loop; I use KnitPicks Harmony needles for that.

I have all three as well, and I would say go with the Denises. They were the first set I bought and I LOVED them right away (even the smaller sizes!). I have no trouble scooching stitches over the joins, but then, I am a rather loose knitter.

They are so easy to put together, and they feel so light and warm (unlike metal, which to me feels cold). Also, you can make a short needle (it’s not 16 inches exactly, closer to 17") for making hats~something you cannot do with Harmonies or Options. The case they come in is so well organized and I never feel I’m having to flip around and search for what I want. Plus the case is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to carry. I truly enjoy these needles and I think you would too-but of course everyone has their own idea of wonderful knitting needles :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to add that I reallly love my KP Options and Harmonies as well, and don’t by any means want to knock them. I just mean if I was looking for my first set, and price was a consideration (it no doubt is for most of us!) then I think the Denises are the perfect choice. You get a lot more in one set for your $$ and I can’t imagine you’d be dissappointed.

And then you can save up for the luxury set of Harmonies (or Options!) :teehee:

Anyway, just thought I’d confuse you some more :stuck_out_tongue: No really I was trying to help! Hopefully I didn’t make it worse, lol!

BTW, khyu 777, I’ve never had any problems with my connectors wearing out-and I’ve had them at least 5 years. I wouldn’t think it’d be a problem to get them replaced either. Denise needles have been around for quite a bit longer than KP, and from what I hear, they’re also great about replacement parts, should you ever have the need.

(btw, I’m not affiliated in anyway! lol-i’m beginning to sound like an ad! :teehee:)

well… even if that’s the case, i dont know if i’ll like the plastic feel… and it doesnt have size 4 needle, which i dont think is a big problem, but it kinda bugs me -_- also, i dont really need size more than 11, so im kinda leaning more toward options.

i still gotta try denise at a LYS… that would allow me to make a final decision!

Wishing you all the best. :grphug:

yes my friend has the same problom with the stitches not going over the conecters me my self would no i have never tryed them would love to but can aford them with every thing going on with my hubby at this time he is very ill any way i make my knitting needles out of dowel sticks from the daller tree.