About counting rows

When counting rows, the cast on doesn’t count right? When it says to “knit 12 rows”, does that mean the 12th is the loops on the needle or the 12 completed rows (13th loops on needle)? Thanks

Right, the CO is a cast on, row one is the one you knit after that. The 12th row is the last completed row, not the one on your needles. I count the bumps on the WS in stockinette or ribbing.

I’ve seen it both ways.
I think (it might be a different one I’m thinking of) Amy mentions in the long tail cast on video that it’s like having an already knit row, and you can start in on your second row (but I would add that it only works well if you are doing garter or stockinette, nothing fancy shmancy like lace) Long tail starts like a knit row, and when you are done casting on, the yarn is set up for a purl row (with the yarn in front)

It sort of looks like a knit row at first, but after you have several more rows on, the knit/bumps disappear. It’s not considered the first row by most people who use it, and IMO saying it is unnecessarily confuses new knitters who don’t know whether to start with R 1 or 2 of a pattern, or the RS or WS.

And I thought it was a simple question… to clarify please, I CO and now I am beginning to knit … this is my first row and my RS. correct?