About colour combining

I’m a beginner in knitting… :oops: and I have a few questions about colour combining… I had been experimenting with all sorts of different colour combing methods that I see on this website… :pout: but my biggest problems are that I hope my project will look nice on both sides, and sometimes I only want one stitch of a different colour, in which case some of the methods won’t work as good as I expected… :verysad: am I doing something wrong? :?? or are there any other methods that you can recommand? Thank you for reading my long post… I’ll appreciate any help you can provide :notworthy:

When you use two colors, the purl side always shows both. If you work in garter, then the back of the knit stitches show both. The only way to really make something look ‘good’ on both sides is to knit in the round, so that the inside of the tube is where all the purl bumps are hidden.

I see, thanks Ingrid. :smiley: But what about when you only want one stitch of a different colour? Is there any good methods for that?

For one stitch, you can try to catch the end of the different colored yarn a few stitches before you need it, knit with it, then catch the other end. There’s really no invisible-on-both-sides way to do it, though.

Thanks! I’ll try that :smiley: