? about cable cast-on

I’m making a chullo hat for my girls and I’m just starting the first one. I’ve never done the cable cast on for more than a couple of stitches, and now I’m wondering if I’m doing it right! The way I understand the directions, the stitches I’m casting on all stay on my left hand needle. Then the pattern directions tell me to knit on the earflap with right side facing me, then continue casting on. First of all, that would mean that I need to transfer the needle with the cast on stitches to my right hand and knit the earflap on, and then transfer that needle back to my left hand, right? Secondly, when I look at the cast on edge and compare it to my earflap, it looks like the cast on edge is purled, and the earflap is knit. Does this make sense? I can take a few pics if I haven’t made enough sense here. To be honest, it’s mostly an appearance thing, and I’ll be covering it with the crocheted edging once I’m done, but I’d like to know if I’m doing it right or not anyway. KWIM?

bump in case someone that knows missed this one… I’m still wondering here. :thinking:

It sounds like you’ve got the right idea. It’s possible that there’s a crocheted edge on the hat just for that reason.

Look at the bottom of the page. There’s this tip:

Cable Cast On:
Using one strand of yarn, make a slip knot on the needle. Knit into this stitch, pull the loop through and place it on the needles. Two stitches cast on. For all the other stitches, put the tip of the needle between the last two stitches and pull a loop through and place it on the needles. For this pattern, I used the size 8 straight needle to cast onto, and one of the size 6 dpns to pull the loops with.

It just seemed really weird to me. The instructions said that the border was optional, but for aethetics, I feel I’d need one. Plus, it seemed odd that I’d need to change hands to add the earflaps… perhaps for my next one I will knit another row to the earflaps so that I will need to purl them on, and it won’t look so wonky to me. Just call me a perfectionist! I’ve been known to frog an entire week’s worth of work in size 30 thread simply because I missed a single loop or something else equally insignificant simply because it bugged me!