Abilene Cardigan

I love challenges and working out patterns, but I’m truly stuck on the body part where I’m starting the ‘Yoke.’ After I did the ‘body’ I left the yarn attached as per stated to do. My sleeves are done & set aside. Here’s the next step~ Joining Row: (RS) K 40 right front sts, pm (I have the 40 sts & done the knitting). Knit 56 sleeve sts, pm. (OK, this is where I’m stuck. After I knitted the body, I was to have 40 sts for front, 86 sts for the back & 40 sts for front). I did the BO correctly on the body, so where am I to pick up 56 sts? Do I make them? I’ve tried just the knitting, but then the back is wrong and I backed out. I’m at the BO & trying to rationalize where the 56 sts are to materlize. Any help would be just so much appreciated. The entire instructions are as follows: Joining Row (RS): K 40 right front sts,pm, k 56 sleeve sts, pm, k 86 back sts, pm, k56 sleeve sts, pm and k 40 left front sts (278 total sts).

You should have 56sts on a holder from each sleeve. They’ll be incorporated into the yoke at the correct spot between the fronts and back on each side.

Knit the sleeve sts that you’ve got on the holder, that will join them to the body stitches.

So, it’s the sleeves that I join at this point?

Thanks for your reply!! Am I to join the sleeves at this point?

I think that I’m getting excited & nervous to think that I can join the sleeves!

Yes, the 56sts should come from the held sts from the sleeves. The yoke is knit on the front-sleeve-back-sleeve-front.

WOW! I didn’t realize that I was at this stage because it doesn’t say. The sleeves were not knitted in the round, so do I ‘sew’ them up now or after I’ve joined the sleeves to the body?

Usually you don’t have to sew the sleeves up at this point because you have some bound off sts at the armhole on the body and on the sleeves. Eventually of course, you’ll seam the sleeves. Sometimes the rows at the join and for a few rows after the join are a little tight at the sleeves but work the sts as best as you can and the sts will become easier after a few rows.

Oh my goodness! Thank you so so much!! I can’t wait to finish this & try it on! So far this has been easy but I panicked on this part, I guess! LOL