Aberration incl, is include but what?

I am knitting a baby sweated, neck down. I am at the place where the front, back and arms are separated???

Pattern says:
k18(front) incl, marker, incl, K14 (sleeve), incl, marker…

And so on…but what am I including? Any help would be great.

Beginning on the right side of the work, knit the first section. Slip the next section’s stitches on a stitch holder or waste yarn. This is the sleeve. Join the next section with the stitches you’ve already knit and knit them across. This is the back of the sweater. Slip the next section to holders (other sleeve). Join and knit the next section, the other front. These stitches will all be knit back and forth like a straight piece. The sleeves will be left to knit later after you’ve completed the body of the sweater.

I don’t think that’s ‘incl’ for include, but maybe ‘inc 1’, to increase one st. Sometimes the 1s and lowercase Ls look alike.

I agree–increase.