ABC's Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover is building a home in the next town over from me:woohoo: The lady is a school teacher who has battled cancer for 3 years and they have 3 girls. I’m taking the shuttle bus out to see the construction tomorrow.

They were a town over from me earlier this year. You should have fun on your visit.

That’s really neat!

I live in Thomasville too.

oh that’s cool! I’ve often wished that I could “help” or participate somehow in one of those builds. (sometimes, they offer the community an opportunity to participate through artwork or handicrafts)

I went 3 days. It is amazing to watch the progress. I didn’t get to go for the reveal but have seen pictures of the family at the reveal. The house is beautiful.

were less than entertained and several folks had damage to their property during the construction…lost sleep due to noise & lights during non stop construction. … I guess they all survived in the end.

It rained the first two days so you can imagine the mess. I thought the road was a dirt road! I talked with one neighbor whose yard was a MESS but she said they would come back in and clean and repair so hopefully they will. I heard if the lights/noise were a problem they would put the people up in a motel. The mother is a well loved school teacher who is battling cancer so the neighbor said it was worth the trouble. She has continued to teach so she is a fighter