I have a new pattern and not sure of a couple abbreviations.
I have to place markers which i understand but what does (sl M) mean?
Sl means slip and M marker but exactly how do I do it
Thank you

Hi, welcome to KH. Assuming you marker is on the needle between two stitches, you just move it to the other needle. If you look at the top of the page here you’ll find a Glossary button. There are lots of knitting abbreviations there, some have videos attached.

What are you making? If you have any problems, this is the place to come for help. We have some of the best knitters you’ll find here. They’re great.

Thank you for your quick response
I am making a sweater and can read patterns but not quite sure what exactly the abbreviation want you to do
Thank so very muck

You’re welcome. I found this site and was amazed at how much help I got, and how quickly. I’m not a terribly experienced knitter but I’ve learned a lot here and gotten so much help I like to be part of the fast response time when I can. I think we all encounter abbreviations that are hard to interpret. The glossary here gets lots of use. I hope you stick around and let us know how your sweater is coming along and we just love pictures.

Not to mention the abbreviations that mean the same thing as something we know by a DIFFERENT abbreviation.

Don’t get me started.