Hi Can anyone help with this abbreviation k3b, it is on an aren pattern I am knitting.

many thanks

Check at the beginning of the pattern. They explain what all those abbreviations mean. It’s up by the list of materials you’ll need for the project. It’s easy to overlook.

It means to knit three stitches in the back loop. It may be a double decrease using the Knit 3 stitches in back loop. Does the instructions say Knit 3 stitches together as 1? If it does say to knit all 3 stitches as 1 stitch you put the tip of your needle into the back of the stitch putting the tip of needle into the first second and third stitches and knit as 1 stitch that is the 3rd stitch from the needle. Hope this helps.

It may also mean k 3 below - knit in the 3rd st below the one on the needle. It helps if you post a link to the pattern, or a picture of it, or even the name, because otherwise we’re just guessing. But it should also say what it is in the stitch notes in the pattern.