I have this pattern to work.
K1,* K2tog,yrn,yfwd,slp1,psso rep to end.
Am I going to have a large holey pattern . Is this going to make a double loop

What is the name of the pattern?
Yes, the yrn, yfwd is going to give you a double yarn over. I suspect that there may be a k1 in the repeat:
K1,* K2tog,yrn,yfwd,slp1, k1, psso rep to end.

Hi The pattern is King cole Corona chunky 4662

It looks like there’s a large eyelet or open stitch between the knit columns. It shows a bit more in the top than in the turtleneck.
Is there no description of the stitch with the pattern?

Yes that’s what I thought. I am an avid knitter but it just seemed strange to me. I have tried the pattern but I may just amend it to a usual yrn sl1 k1 psso. Thanks