Abbreviation sbp

Ooooooh, maybe you’re supposed to pass the sl st [B]back[/B]wards over the k2tog, and the next slip st back over the k1!

Then when you turn the work…
oh heck
I’m still confused


I just got this pattern from Herrschners, it’s called Precious Blessings Blanket and it is gorgeous. However, even 11 years later than the first posting, I still cannot find an answer to sbp. They describe it as Sl st on right needle back to left needle and pass second st over first st, then return slipped st to right needle. the two sts before sbp are p2tog twice. Slip one of those to left then use next st on left to pass over?? HELP

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Knit a stitch, slip the stitch on the right needle back to the left needle. pass the 2nd st on the left needle over the first st (the slipped stitch) . Now pass the stitch back to the right needle. The stitch that is passed over is an unworked stitch. This makes a right leaning decrease.
Beautiful blanket:

Thank you so much for your concise explanation. It now makes sense. Hope I can get through this blanket without any further problems. There are many pass over stitches involved. Without your explanation, I was ready to throw in the towel and give this to some other knitter.

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