Abbreviation meaning

What does my pattern mean by C3Tog and C3R,I have just started a waistcoat pattern managed to do the rib section nicely but have come unstuck now please can someone help?I have never been on a forum before so is any one out there,Thanks from Tangler

What is the pattern name? If you have a link that would be helpful, too.

Does the pattern have any info on the abbreviations? Many of them do.

Usually with a C in the term it means cable, which is what the C3R would be. Generally there’s an explanation of terms in the pattern, between the yarn and needles and the cast on instructions.

Thanks yes its obvious now I reread the pattern and there is an explanation of this abbreviation,I will post a pic of my progress which will be a bit slow as I have never tried doing cabling before.cheers Tangler:woohoo:

You’ll pick up cabling real fast. I always thought that cables would be hard and would take me forever to get, but once I started actually doing them they came really easily.