Abbreviation Help!

Hi I am a fairly average knitter knitting smaller things like booties, bonnets, beanies and scarves, but my issue with a pattern I am using at the moment is what is the meaning of this K1(5-1),*K2tog, K3(7-8). I get everything bar whats in the bracket. Some help would be great.
Thanks Sheza :wink:

I think I may have had a blonde moment, it means the different size doesnt it, If I am wrong please say so. Sheza:)

Youโ€™re right, those are numbers for the different sizes.

Thanks I was a little confused because the second size was more stitches than the next size, and it was late and a bit tired lol, but thank you.:stuck_out_tongue:

A larger size may have less sts in a repeat or less repeats than a smaller one due to the different numbers that were cast on originally, and how many sts needed for the stitch pattern repeat.