Abbreviation help

I am getting ready to start a poncho and was pre-reading the pattern. There is an abbreviation I am not sure if I am understanding correctly. The directions are

K20, kpk in next stitch repeat 3 times (end at the beginning)
[color=red]ok I don’t get this. Is kpk knit, purl, knit? If so I am actually increasing 2 instead of 1 correct. Also what does she mean by end at the beginning?[/color]

kpk does mean knit purl knit…Im not sure about ending at the beginning…sounds like something you’d hear from the White Rabbit at the Mad Hatters’ Tea!

Yeah … I’m not sure about that “end at the beginning’”. :??

:thinking: Not unless you’re knitting in the round, in which case, you would be ending at the beginning.

OH I wonder if that is it. It does say to use a circular needles but since it never said to knit in the round I thought it would be because after all those increases it would be too large for straight needles. I’m going to re-read the pattern to see if this could be it.