Abbreviation confusion

Im working on a cool scarf pattern but theres an abbreviation that I have never heard before and I cant find a defination for it any where. “smk” its in a section called “smocking stitch section”. Does anyone know how to execute this stitch?

Sounds like it’s the smocking st itself and should be explained in the pattern notes at the beginning, or the first time it’s done. Do you have a link to the pattern?

I don’t have the link anymore, I was going through a lot of sites looking for patterns. But now that I know that it means smocking stitch ill find a youtube video so I can see it done. Thanks for your help!!

The thing is, each pattern may define smocking stitch a little different because of a different number of sts or rows involved. But a general video may helf you get the idea of it, along with a picture if you have one and you’ll be able to do it.