Abbreviation confusion

Hi All!

I’m knew to the forum, and very excited to join in the knitting chat! I have a question that I think is probably pretty obvious, but it has me stumped. I’m knitting a pair of fingerless gloves, and I’m on the thumb; one row has the instructions pm, which I just learned means place marker…the next row has the instructions sm, which i learned means slip marker…but it’s at a place where I had no marker previously. Does this mean I should add a marker, subtract a marker, or do something else entirely? I would really appreciate any input anyone has! Thanks,


It may mean that you made a mistake in a prior row. If there is an instruction to slip the marker, you have to have worked the stitches up to the point where there is a marker already placed.


You may have to unknit a row or two to see that you followed the directions correctly.


So does sm mean to slip the marker from one needle to the next? Or just remove it completely?

Right, sm means move it to the other needle; rm is used to mean remove marker.


Ok, I scrapped a few rows and figured it out. The directions weren’t super clear, but it all came together in the end. Thanks for the words of wisdom.