Abbrev. "VI"

What does the abrrev. “VI” mean?

I posted the thread several days ago but it’s now gone. I would like to know if somebody can help me so that I can finish the sleeve of my current project?

Thanks a lot!

It didn’t disappear, it’s in the “How To” forum. I bumped it up, but basically we need some more info.

How is the term used? can you type out the sentence that uses it? A link to the pattern would help, too, if you can. Even just the name of the pattern and where you found it.

There should also be a definition section near the top of the pattern, somewhere around where the list the yarn and needle requirements - a section that defines any special stitches or stitch patterns used. See anything like that?

I’ve never seen it either so yes, we need more info to help you.

Actually it’s in Vouge Knitting Fall 2009 magazine pg 134.
The row shows - Row 1 (RS) K1, *p2tog, **[knB, p1] 8 times, k1B, pm, VI, k1B VI, p,; rep between **'s, ssk, pm; rep from * once more, k1.

VI shows twice in a row but I have no idea how to knit that.

Thanks a lot!


I’m looking at Vogue Fall 2009, page 134 and not seeing anything like that. Are you sure that’s the page? What is the number of the pattern, and can you tell me which column and how far down on the page?

The name of the pattern too, and what is it (sweater, hat, vest, etc).

We may be able to find a picture of it at the vogue website or ravelry, even if we don’t have that magazine.

I also have the magazine and can’t find anything like that on pg 134. I thought you might have mistyped, so I looked on 133, 135, 124, and 144. Nothing. But one thing did occur to me. . .I mean this in the nicest way possible-- how is your eyesight? Is it possible you’re seeing M1 as V1? M1 is make one, and if your reading vision isn’t quite what it should be, maybe it’s a little blurry?

It sure does say "VI"

PATTERN #33 Peplum Cardigan

Beg sleeve pattern
Row 1 (RS) K1, p2tog, *[K1B, p1] 8 (9) times, K1B, pm, [B]VI[/B], p1, [B]VI[/B], pm, [K1B, p1] 8 (9) times, K1B *, S2KP (slip 2 sts tog, k1, pass 2 sl sts over k1), pm on the st formed by S2KP; rep from * to * once more, end p2tog, k1.
Next row and all WS rows Keeping first and last st as St st, cont in Fisherman’s Rib, working inc’d sts into pat.
Row 3 K1, p2tog, rib to marker, sm, [B]VI[/B], K1B, p1, K1B, [B]VI[/B], sm, rib to 1 st before S2KP marker, S2KP; rep from * to * once more, rib to last 3 sts, p2tog, k1 .

[B]V[/B]ery [B]I[/B]nteresting

Maybe “V Increase”? Because the next line (which Mike didn’t copy and paste…) says - “Cont to in this way to work [B]incs[/B] and decs until length directed in magazine, moving up S2KP marker when necessary.” Since I don’t see any other obvious increases in those rows, it’s some sort of increase.

But it should say how to do it, maybe it’s described earlier in the pattern on the first row it appears in. In keeping with the Fisherman’s rib, it could be an increase where you knit into the center of a stitch. Or something else. Look toward the back of the magazine or the beginning of the pattern section - where ever they put the abbreviations.

I’ve never run across that one before, and the abbreviations page at Vogue doesn’t help, either. I did find a Pattern Help Desk at Vogue Knitting which might be the best resource:

I went on to look at the abbreviations on the Vogue web site, no Vl … very interesting, indeed :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen that abbreviation either. I wonder if it’s some weird mis-print or something. /shrug

VI is the [B]Visible Increase[/B]: Insert LH needle from front to back into the strand between last st. worked and the next st. on the LH needle. Knit into the front loop for an open increase.

It sounds like you are doing a M1F (M1L), but instead of knitting in the back loop to make the increase invisible, you’re leaving a hole. I actually do this increase a lot, accidentally! :teehee:

I copied that out of the pattern under “Stitch Glossary” on p. 133, which is under “Gauges”. I hope that’s kosher to post, if not I assume a moderator will help me out, and leave the notation of where to find the definition. :slight_smile:

I had never heard of VI before either, and I bet the designer made the stitch up (unvented it as EZ would say). The pattern is cute, good luck with it!

Actually, visible increase isn’t just made up, I’ve heard of them before, just didn’t put it together with the VI. Here’s a video for one of them. But it should always be explained, as different designers do them different ways.