ok as some of you know i knitted a pair of booties that were too big. so i started on another pair on a size 8 needles… my frustion lies in the needles. is their a reason a pattern would call for 16in needles? because the needles that i used before were 16in and the ones i’m using now aren’t. i don’t know what they are BUT i can’t pick up the stiches on the other side of the sole because i can’t bend it around. i prolly didn’t explain that very well but hopefully someone will know what i’m trying to say.! :pray: is there another way i can do it? maybe not knit in a round and just follow the dirctions straigt and then sew it together??? maybe… i know trust the pattern… maybe???

Since the pattern was written for bigger shoes, maybe the 16’s won’t work. Maybe you can switch to dpns?

and … :shock:

I guess I didn’t understand. I thought 16 in circs wouldn’t fit, so I thought if you broke it down on dpns you could get it around. No?

yes thats right… i’m asking you how to do that meaning and whats next! :wink: i’ve never knitted on dpns just and I-cord!

I couldn’t possibly explain it clearly enough. Check out the video. It looks very impressive, but once you know how to knit, it’s not difficult, at all.

I assumed since you made needles, you used them too! :roflhard:

:smiley: you know what… i don’t know why i made those. i needed them for some project by got side tracked and started something else! :doh:
ok i’m going to watch the movie. thanks for you help… i mean video!

I had that trouble and I just grabbed another needle that size and picked up the stitches, put them on the circs and went on til I had to pick up more and did the same thing again; I hope that made sense. I just didn’t feel like I had the room to pick up stitches with the circs so I used a single straight one to pick them up and knitted them from that onto the circs. :happydance:

ha ha… funny you should say that because i didn’t have enough #8 dpns so i used me circs!!! great minds think alike! :thumbsup:

AHA! Kool! Very cool–when you got it, you got it! :wink: