AARRGGHH! Having problem deciphering pattern

Hi all & happy New Year!!

I’m currently doing a jacket pattern (Drops 46-22) and all was going well until I got to the collar instructions. I do have the English version, but I’m just so totally not understanding the following: When piece measures 33 cm cast on 5 sts for collar mid front [I](I believe I understand that)[/I] and continue collar in double moss sts with 1 edge st in ridge. At the same time, cast off to shape neckline as follows: Collar: Within edge sts (= 1st sts of the three inc) inc alternating on every other row: Alternating 1 st and 2 sts 4 times (= 12 sts) - inc 2 sts by inc 1 st on each side of second last sts - and then 1 st 5 times. Knit inc sts in double moss sts. Neck: Dec within 5th sts (= last st of the inc sts): 1 st 10 times on every row and then 1 st 12 times on every other row = 55 m. (HUH?!?!)

I’d really appreciate if someone could spell this out for me. I’ve read this over and over and over, and it’s not sinking in whatsoever. :hair:



Those instructions have me baffled as well. It seems to say to cast off 1 st of the three inc within edge sts. Every other row, you would inc by 1 or 2 sts (alternating them), 4 times, at second to last st (if 1 st, after second to last st; if 2 sts, on either side of that st). Then you increase 1 st 5 times. Your increases should be incorporated into the double moss pattern. Then, for the neck, you would decrease in the last 5 sts, 1 st 10 times on every row, then every other row 12 times.

I’ve worded it a bit different, but I don’t think that clears it up all that much. I’m still slightly confused by it myself, although I get the general idea.

If this doesn’t help you at all, I hope someone else will be able to clear it up!