AARGHHH! I want more time!

More time to…
…take pics
…browse this forum
…even comment on KH and all the beautifull projects

I know I was quite privileged the last year cause I had soooo much time. But this semester I try to go to more lectures and make homework even in the courses where it doesn’t count wether I pass them or not. And I try to learn for the tests more than just two weeks before!
I still have time to knit, but less time to blog about it…

:frowning: :heart:

Yea…that whole darn school thing can really get in the way of, oh, a life! You’ll be glad you did it though once it’s all over.

Oh man do I know what you mean!

This semester is currently in the process of stomping all over me. Three more weeks! And they’re going to be awful!

7 more days…1 ginormous presentation tomorrow, then two papers, one lab and two tests.

I totally understand what you mean… I wish I had more time as well. I feel like I never have time to browse this forum, knit, read, etc. Isn’t it hard wanting to do all of these things and not having nearly enough time in the day?? If you figure out how to fix it, let me know! :lol:

So how many students do we have here at KH? :?? Seems like a lot. Do knittin and learnin go hand in hand?

[color=indigo]yeah i know what yall mean also. But im done next thursday and only have to concentrate on working (and knitting of course) for the next month until school starts again.

I can’t wait.[/color]

Between students and teachers, I bet that is a big chunk of the membership.

ooh gah! yeah, no time!

I have SO much to do before the holidays - ack!

and I’m not even a student!

Knitting’s really popular on college campuses these days. I would say that more than half my friends know how to knit, and most of them have ongoing projects. This is probably a bit skewed by the fact that I’m at a women’s college, but my sister is at a co-ed, and a lot of her friends, including guys, also knit.

I think a lot of students see it as a bit of a novelty - Hey, I can make a hat instead of buying one? No way!

My workload before I can go home? 1 ginormous presentation, 1 ginormous paper, 1 problem-set (optional), 1 quiz (take-home, wicked hard), and 2 finals (self-scheduled).

I am in school as well :slight_smile: That is why I have been mostly MIA the past few days. In my Modalities of Communication class We had a semester long project to do (Gathering as much info on the different modes of communication and putting it into a huge binder) It was due today so I have been scrambeling like mad to organize it. Now that I am done I get to start studying for finals. Ack. But after next week I am done until next semester starts! :happydance:

Someone should post a poll. Does KH have polls? :??